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Parent & Teacher Association (PTA)

Parent & Teacher Association (PTA)

Welcome to the GWES PTA!

Our Mission Statement:
We are a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

Our Goals:
Our goals are to strengthen and grow parent/teacher relationships, offer support to the classroom and advocate educational growth for all students.  Our goals are reached through coordination of volunteers and funds for special programming.

Who we are:
Members of the GWES PTA include dedicated parent volunteers, working parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, and more.  All families are encouraged and welcome to join the GWES PTA.  It is not a requirement to volunteer if you join!  Please read the attached document “Why Join PTA” to learn more.

What we do:
The GWES PTA collaborates with the principal, teachers, and school staff to ensure that we are working together toward common goals including the promotion of quality education, parental involvement, and the health and well being of every student.  We sponsor numerous programs and activities to help achieve these goals.  Please read the attached document “PTA FAQ” to learn more!
Where we get our funding:
The GWES PTA raises funds to bridge the gap between what our students need and what the school budget can provide.  We receive most of our funds through generous contributions from GWES families and local businesses.  All GWES PTA members are eligible and encouraged to vote yearly on the proposed PTA budget for that school year.  To learn more, please read the attached documents “PTA FAQ” and “The GWES PTA Budget Explained.”
Goals for the 2014-2015 School Year
This year the elected members of the PTA executive board have identified four specific goals we want to accomplish:
  • Complete the Playground Revitalization Project
  • Increase parent/guardian involvement at GWES
  • Increase community involvement at GWES
  • Increase awareness of PTA’s role at GWES

PTA Executive Board Members for 2014-2015
We want to hear from you!  If you have an idea, suggestion, concern, or question, please contact one our board members.
President – Jenny Wampler –
Vice President – Kristi Krcal –
Secretary – Sheila Armentrout –
Treasurer – Sarah Barbour –
Volunteer Coordinator – Juanita Roberts –
Fundraising Coordinator – Kim Hall –
Newsletter Coordinator – Kim Parsley -
Stay Informed!
The best way to stay up to date with the latest PTA news is to register with Planet K8 and make sure you are following “PTA.”  Additionally, look out for our monthly newsletter sent out electronically and/or a paper copy sent home with your student.  Lastly, checkout our display case in the atrium of the school on your next visit.

Why Join PTA
The GWES PTA Budget Explained

Dear Parents and Guardians of GWES,

Spring Break is almost here and our playground is ready for our new playground equipment!  Thanks to our maintenance department, the remaining old and deteriorating play equipment (the long wavy beam, metal slide, and gazebo) were removed from the playground last week to make room for the large three slide climbing structure and two additional Comets that are due to arrive and be installed over Spring Break. (See attachment for pictures.) Additionally, we owe a huge thanks to Mrs. Doran and Mr. Luppe for submitting a grant application to the KCS Office of Coordinated School Health and to Misty Keller from the KCS Office of Coordinated School Health for awarding our school with a $10,225 grant for the purchase and installation of inclusive play equipment for our playground! (See attachment for pictures.)  That equipment was ordered a few weeks ago and although we do not know the exact arrival date, we know it will get here quickly and will be installed as soon as possible.  This means we have met two out of three of our major playground goals! 

The final major goal is to replace the gazebo.  Our aim is to raise the necessary funds to purchase the gazebo by the end of the 2014-15 school year, and have the gazebo installed during the 2015 summer break. We need your support for one more very special and unique playground-specific fundraiser this year!  We are offering parents, teachers, staff, alumni, businesses, community members, and more the opportunity to donate a brick engraved with your own personal message that will be part of a pathway or patio area adjoining the playground that will become a lasting tribute for generations to come.  This fundraiser has been uniquely tailored for GWES with all proceeds going directly towards the playground, specifically towards a new gazebo, and the brick pathway or patio area will also contribute towards the celebration of Washington's 20th Anniversary.  Flyers/order forms will be going home with students today.  Plus, you may also order and pay via credit card online with the following link:

Attached to this email is also a pdf version of the brick order form that you can print at home.

The final phase of the playground project, which is to install a half basketball court, is still a PTA goal, but has always been a long-term goal.  The PTA plans to continue to work hard with grant writing and normal general PTA fundraising to gradually raise the funding needed for the basketball court.  We are hopeful for a large grant of course, but since grants are difficult to come by (we were very fortunate with the two we already received!), it may take a few years of gradual fundraising before there are enough funds available for the basketball court.  Rest assured, we have not forgotten and will keep you informed!

We cannot thank all the parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, businesses, and community members who have supported our fundraisers so far this year!  Please remember that the GWES PTA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all funds go directly to support students at GWES.  We hope you will continue your support by donating a brick!  

Thank you,

Brick Order Form