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A little about Mr. Heller

My name is Erik Heller, and I teach math and science within the fifth grade LCD center.

I am originally from Buffalo, NY. I moved south in time for high school, and I attended Tennessee High (Hey, at least its maroon! I have transitioned well, rooting for Dobyns-Bennett!) I attended Middle Tennessee State University for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees, studying Exercise Science, and Curriculum and Instruction for elementary education.

The 2022-2023 school year will be my 10th year teaching at Washington, and I have enjoyed every one of them!  There is always so much to learn as a new group of students comes in every year.  Teaching science is major passion of mine, because we can focus so much on deeper thinker and look at problems our student's generation will have to solve someday!  I also coach the Lego Robotics team at GWES, because the problem solving they use spills over into the classroom so much!
When I head home, I have a full house!  I'm sure your child will come home and tell you stories about my two dachshunds; Gatsby and Sherlock!  I like to describe Gatsby as a 5 year-old who was given two big pixie sticks and a giant Mountain Dew and just let loose in the house!  Recently, we have added another fun bundle of energy, in our cat Felix!  Finally, my wife Jackilyn puts up with all the animals and me!  She also teaches for Kingsport City, as a 5th grade teacher at Jackson Elementary!  
When I'm spending time at home, I love to read!  My dog's names might show that I'm fairly passionate about books!  I also am an "aspiring powerlifter" as I've recently gotten into lifting heavy weights often!  My wife and I also hike, kayak and travel occasionally!
I look forward to this school year, and I can't wait to build a quality relationship with all my students!  Go Patriots!