Mission & Vision

The faculty and staff at Washington Elementary School will collaboratively create a nurturing environment, respect and value each individual, and expect academic excellence as evidenced by:


  • Students fully engaged by curiosity and inspired by diverse, real world learning opportunities that transfer learning beyond our school boundaries;
  • Students guided by thoughtful and ambitious teaching that ignites questions, goals, and discourse;
  • Students empowered and self-motivated to be involved in their community;
  • Students demonstrating acceptance and compassion;
  • Students communicating  their social, emotional and academic needs;
  • Students displaying healthy relationships among peers and adults; and
  • Students advocating for themselves and others.



  • Teachers utilizing collaborative and individual planning time to plan rigorous content for our students;
  • Teachers engaging in ongoing differentiated professional learning with a team of peers, instructional design staff, and administrators;
  • Teachers applying skills learned in professional development;
  • Teachers demonstrating the power of relationships by incorporating Positive Discipline into their daily practices; and
  • Teachers using  informal and formal data to drive instruction.



  • School demonstrating  supportive environments and community partnerships with resources to create a collaborative learning community;
  • School providing a safe place where the facility is updated and well maintained to be aesthetically pleasing to and respected by  students, staff, and visitors; and
  • School and technology support a learning environment where students and staff explore and investigate an engaging curriculum.



  • Families joining together with teachers to develop a positive relationship;
  • Families actively engaging in student events and conferences to guide the success of their child’s journey toward continuing education;
  • Families reading, reviewing and responding to consistent communication from school and teachers; and
  • Families supporting the classroom and school by  sharing their time, expertise, and experiences.