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Mission & Vision


Our learning community will collaboratively create a nurturing environment, respect and value each individual, and expect academic excellence.



All students will reach their full academic potential and will continue to be lifelong learners and productive citizens.



1. We believe a unified faculty and staff will together impact learning.

2. We believe each child deserves the best education possible.

3. Collaboration of stakeholders: Staff, students, families, and community is the key to success.

4. We believe students should have ownership in their learning and learn from each other.

5. We believe all students come to Washington with innate gifts, abilities, knowledge, and needs.

6. We believe in respecting, valuing, and appreciating the individuality of each learner through a variety of learning experiences.

7. We believe in the development and use of life skills and lifelong guidelines for all stakeholders.

8. We believe every child deserves an emotionally supportive and nurturing environment.

9. We believe teaching and assessing should be differentiated.