Related Arts

Related Arts Team

Washington Elementary's Related Arts Team consists of Art, School Counseling, Library, Music, and Physical Education. Students attend one related arts class each day for a total of fifty minutes.  Classes are assigned a related arts group number which determines the order they attend each related arts class.  Every child will receive their related arts group number at the beginning of the year or first day of attendance.


Each Friday, Washington's related arts teachers join together and team-teach in a large group setting.  We call these "RACE Days" which stands for "Related Arts Create Enrichment."  These lessons fall outside the typical related arts curriculum and focuses on teamwork, community building, and service projects.


You will find the related arts schedule below.  Once a student is assigned a related arts group, it is easy to know which class they will attend each day.  Because we are an active school, we ask that students wear close-toed shoes on PE days, and "less than perfect" clothes on art days!  Please be mindful that many areas where we learn are open spaces, meaning that sitting on the floor is a common occurrence.  Your child should be dressed appropriately to actively participate in lessons and activities for all classes.


If you would like your own copy of the related arts schedule to print out, you can find the file to the right.

Download your child's related arts weekly schedule below.