Daily Schedule

8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Start and Dismissal Times
School begins every morning at 8:15 AM. The front doors are open at 7:30 AM. Dismissal time is at 3:15 PM.
Dismissal Time
There are students who come to the office on a daily basis asking how their parents want them to get home in the afternoon. If this varies from day to day, please discuss this with your child in the morning and let them know if they are to be a car or bus rider. Also, have a plan with your child if they are a walker on what to do in the event of bad weather. We want to make sure we get your child safely to the place they are supposed to be.
Prepare for early dismissals 
For some emergencies, like snowstorms, school officials will send students home early. You will receive notification through local media, our automated contact system, or on the school system website. If there has been an early dismissal and your child has not been picked up, we will attempt to contact you. Please make sure you provide us with up-to-date contact information so that we can easily reach you when necessary.