Math - Investigations


Student Handbook, Games, and More

The grade level links below provide student access to the on-line games "LogoPaths" and "Shapes" as well as the Student Math Handbook, which provides valuable math vocabulary, skills content, and problem-solving strategies.

The grade level username and password is provided below.  

Please note the password is case sensitive.

The games and Student Math Handbook may be found under "My Library."


Click here to login to Investigations


  • Username:Math_K
  • Password:Washington

First Grade

  • Username:Math_1
  • Password:Washington

Second Grade

  • Username:Math_2
  • Password:Washington

Third Grade

  • Username:Math_3
  • Password:Washington

 Fourth Grade

  • Username:Math_4
  • Password:Washington

 Fifth Grade

  • Username:Math_5
  • Password:Washington